Research Highlight Notes - High Performance Network Laboratory, University of Tehran

Research Highlight Notes

for all students, you need to be aware of below in your research:

#1 Problem definition.

#2 Motivation behind this problem (why this problem is important and interesting?).

#3 Challenges of the problem (summary: items 1 to 3 are highlighting the "research gap").

#4 Your contribution (what is new in your problem solution) (1 to 4 are very important).

#5 How you improved the current research. Then measure the achieved improvement (does it worth to do a lot of efforts to reach this improvement). So marginal improvements are not justifiable except your method opens a new line of research or proposes a new theory.

#6 How you evaluate your proposed method (a- analytical, b- simulation, c- emulation, d-real implementation and do the measurements).

#7 Are you comparing with previous study?.

#8 Did you perform fair performance comparison? (did you implement the previous studies yourself and then you compare all methods with one performance tool?).